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About Me

About Me

Kirsty Winter's Workshop in West Auckland

 I came to woodworking with a love for  design, architecture and classic furniture especially that which embodies simplicity, beauty, craftsmanship and functionality.

As a maker and designer I am very much influenced by the possibilities and limitations of chosen materials. I enjoy the challenges presented by making work that looks good and functions well and I use both traditional and modern techniques to achieve that result. 

Over the years I have built up a sound knowledge of materials , suppliers, hardware and fabricators enabling me to manage jobs with a multitude of trades.

I am resourceful and believe in  upcycling and repurposing materials where appropriate. I believe in sustainability and am informed about which products are the most environmentally sound.

I get great satisfaction from working with clients to develop and bring their ideas to fruition.I aim to design and make work that reflects the tastes and needs of the people its for.









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