Design, Furniture, Cabinetry



a sample of ply wood


I work with a wide variety of materials :

  • Solid timber both new and recycled. Native and Exotic
  • Furniture grade Plywood (marine grade)
  • MDF/ Melamine
  • Fibreglass
  • Glass
  • Angle Iron and Box section steel
  • Galvanised Tubing
  • Glass reinforced concrete
  • Natural Stone/ Engineered stone
  • Corian/ Acrylics

If I'm unable to work the materials chosen I have a great network of professionals I have been working with for years who can  do whatever is needed.

I have experience with many different types of hardware.

In the last few years I have opted to use Blum hardware in kitchens as it is very high quality and comes with a lifetime warranty. Their tandembox drawers come with soft close and the option of 30kg or 65kg runners.

My Key Suppliers are :

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